Professional Life

Dedicated to professional and occasionally personal works.

Dr. Holland-Toll's web-site illustrates her professional life. On this web-site, the interested reader will find her teaching and research philosophies, her Curriculum Vitae, and articles and chapters from her book, as well as the opinions of some of her students, who are, after all, those who observe her teaching on an on-going basis and those whose voices should be privileged.

On the other hand, Dr. Holland-Toll is also Linda J,  a human being with a life outside of teaching and books. While she does spend a great deal of time with students both in and out of the classroom, she is both a teacher and a person. Somehow she manages time for gardening and cooking and the man in her life. Her life may be somewhat frayed and unraveling at the edges, but she does indeed have a LIFE!

Writing about herself, her least favorite activity, she says, "I presently teach American Literature and Genre Studies, among other courses, at Mount Olive College, located in Mount Olive, North Carolina." She holds household in an Arts-and-Crafts-style bungalow built in 1921 in the Historic District of Goldsboro, North Carolina with Sasquatch, Lady J, Fianna Bainsidhe and Sugar, the “black and tans”: her vicious, carnivorous, trouble-making, law-breaking, four dog pack and an ever fluctuating number of outdoor, semi-feral cats. The semi-feral comes into play whenever it is not time to eat; at feeding time she has between twelve and fifteen devoted feline companions. Her house is on a tree-lined street in a small city, which she would note, is a typical setting for the better horror fiction. There are enough dilapidated houses, in the best Southern tradition (think 'A Rose for Emily') to provide haunted house settings!

Since she is an old house junkie, hopelessly addicted to spacious rooms, actual dining rooms, wide front porches, heart pine floors, high ceilings, mouldings, chair-rails, fireplaces and the like, and since the houses she likes most are often victims of neglect, it is no surprise that her house is a perpetual work in progress. Her latest indoor project involves restoring the wood floors, which some ignoramus covered in carpeting and paint. Her latest outdoor projects have included adding a waterfall to the pond in the backyard, scrounging old bricks for a patio, and replacing her front porch. Her latest calamity involves a blue heron eating all her goldfish!